Javier Arias

Software Engineer



Software Development

Assertively implemented solutions to any problem presented.

Database Design

Streamline entities and developed APIs for various environments.

Project Direction

Proven ability to lead and manage a wide variety of development projects in team and independent situations.


  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Git
  • Bash
  • Latex
  • Matlab


University of Oxford — Oxford, UK

MSc Software Engineering


Anglia Ruskin University — Cambridge, UK

BSc(Hons) Computer Science



Open Book Publishers

Software Engineer


Open Book Publishers is a not-for-profit Open Access academic publisher based in Cambridge. The main goal of the role is to develop and implement open source software and a database for OBP and five partner publishers to enable the aggretation of online readership and download data for individual publications across a range of independent online hosting platforms. This project is part of HIRMEOS , a subset of OPERAS, funded by Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

UK Fluids Network

Web Project Manager


The UK Fluids Network is an EPSRC-funded network of academic and industrial research groups, focused on innovative developments and applications in Fluid Mechanics. My team and I are developing a web application containing resources for all fluid mechanics researchers in the UK. My duties as the project manager include database design, testing, and back-end developing, while supervising the other two developers and peer-reviewing their code. The application is being developed using Laravel as our PHP framework, integrated with AngularJs, and tested using PHPUnit and Karma.

Isaac Newton Institute

Software Engineer


Extending from my previous job at Isaac Newton Institute but foucusing on the development of a new application to manage the submission of proposals for new research programmes to the Scientific Steering Committee board. This new application was developed, from scratch, using CakePHP 3 to run an API serving a client written in TypeScript, using Angular2 and Material Design. The API was tested using PHPUnit, the client using end-to-end Karma tests.

Isaac Newton Institute

Junior Developer


Full time position focused on the redevelopment of the Institute’s database administration system – a web application written in PHP using a custom MVC framework. The main priorities of the role were to conduct an evaluation of the requirements of the Institute in order to redesign the database schema, rewriting the code according to the new design, and to produce a technical documentation of the application, using PHPDoc blocks. As part of the redevelopment process I introduced my team to normalisation, using PSR-2 coding style.

DAMTP — University of Cambridge

Computer Technician


Sandwich year, as part of my degree. Throughout the year I wrote several shell scripts to perform different system-maintenance tasks and implemented a help-desk system using open source Request Tracker (RT) for the STEP Correspondence Project. Towards the end, I helped developing the Faculty exams-processing system using a custom MVC framework based on CakePHP. My last task was to develop from scratch, a web application for the Faculty’s lecturers to share course material with their students and fellow academics.

Grupo Vela

Junior Web Developer


First approach to web design while studying my second year as an undergraduate. I had the opportunity to develop a web application for this car trade company, based abroad, using PHP and JavaScript. Due to the distance, all communication and key meetings were held via email and videoconferencing. Such experience was not only an opportunity to develop my coding skills, but a great approach to business logic and coordination between departments, too.

Javier Arias — javier@arias.re